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INTRAcel RF Micro-Needling

INTRAcel RF Micro-needling
인트라셀 (여드름 흉터 제거)INTRAcel RF

resurfacing for the treatment of scars

INTRAcel RF micro-needling is used for treatment of acne scars, visible pores and wrinkles. The technology uses radio frequency pulses which is delivered through fine micro-needles. This process results in the stimulation and production of collagen in a patented and scientifically proven, highly effective manner.

These tiny insulated needles can penetrate into the skin to an accurately defined depth where RF impulses are released and pass through the epidermis to effect the desired change to assist in skin remodeling.  The expected result is the improvement of scars, pores and wrinkles, and tighter rejuvenated skin.


The Procedure

Our doctor will assess whether Intracel RF micro-needling is an appropriate treatment for the patient’s skin conditions. Micro-needling is a minimally invasive skin treatment where tiny needles penetrate into the skin to a depth where radio frequency impulses are released to effect the desired changes in the skin. Numbing cream will be applied to the treatment areas and the level of RF energy given by the doctor will depend on the patient comfort level and skin conditions which makes this treatment highly customisable

The total treatment time is around 45 mins which includes the 30 mins preparation due to numbing cream. Treatment intervals around 1 month.


Post Treatment

Minimal downtime due to redness is to be expected after Micro-Needling. This may be accompanied by slight swelling which will be tended to by trained staff to ensure minimal visible external evidence of treatment by the time you leave the treatment room.

Avoid prolonged and intense exposure to sunlight just after the Intracel RF Micro-Needling treatment


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