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Carbon Laser Rejuvenation Treatment Method for Removing Acne



  • 遗传因素
  • 过度暴露在阳光下
  • 在压力下过度激素刺激
  • 过度清洁导致干燥和补偿性石油生产的面部
  • 产品使用不当
  • 乳制品和油性食品过度消费

油性皮肤经常显得光泽和油腻,并且没有吸引力。皮脂的过量产生常常导致毛孔堵塞,并成为白头,黑头和粉刺形成以及其他皮肤问题如粟粒的前兆。 碳激光治疗已成为一种日益流行的方式来处理像油性和粉刺皮肤的问题。

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How it Works

A thin carbon peel is spread over the treatment area. After a few minutes, the carbon gets absorbed into the skin and combines with the congested particles in your pores. The laser is then moved across the skin and gently vacuums the carbon particles. As it does this, the laser will exfoliate your skin and remove the contaminants in your pores. As the laser does its work, you will experience a warm sensation and hear the occasional small explosion. The explosions are designed to heat your skin as it is exfoliated and unclogged, as well as stimulate collagen growth. The procedure takes a mere five to ten minutes and the laser completely safe with no chance of harm to your body. You can easily slot in a repeat treatment every couple of weeks.

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