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Gangnam Laser Clinic

Korea is well known for its obsession with beauty and the Gangnam area in Seoul has hundreds of clinics specializing in medical aesthetics and plastic surgery. Gangnam Laser Clinic has selected Korean medical experts that train, guide and mentor our own team of doctors in the current techniques and latest Korean beauty trends.

With our combination of Korean aesthetic equipment, techniques and medical grade products, Gangnam Laser Clinic is able to bring you the art and science of beauty so you can achieve the Gangnam Glow.

Our range of treatments focus on skin complexion, body and face contouring and our team of doctors will be happy to advise you on the areas that concern you. With our signature Gangnam Laser Facial you can rejuvenate skin and achieve a brighter and livelier skin complexion. It can be used to treat mild acne scarring and abnormal pigmentation such as freckles, sun and age spots

For those seeking facial contouring treatments, we offer BTX-A which may be used in conjunction with facial fillers to help you achieve the V face shape. Our Gangnam V Threadlift procedure which uses dissolvable PDO threads can achieve a more lifted appearance and stimulate collagen for a more youthful look.

Other treatments that may be considered for skin tightening include the use of high intensity focus ultrasound “HIFU” or radio frequency “RF”. Both are non surgical treatments in which the HIFU or RF energy is delivered below the surface of the skin to stimulate the formation of new collagen.

At Gangnam Laser Clinic we aim to provide our patients with a Gangnam aesthetic experience

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