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Fractional CO2 Laser is a minimally invasive laser treatment that helps to restore the skin to its former glory. There are two types of fractional lasers, one being the non-ablative (more gentle) laser and the other being the CO2 laser. The non-ablative laser is suitable for individuals under the age of 50, with light acne scarring and fine lines while the CO2 laser is for those with sagging skin and have deeper acne scars and lines.

Here are some misconceptions that have been associated with Fractional CO2 Laser

1. Fractional Laser is great for treating acne scars


Fractional Laser restores the skin to its original texture, meaning smooth and younger-looking skin. Other benefits of fractional laser include reducing the appearance of enlarged pores, pigmentation and fine lines.

2. Treating acne scar with fractional laser is a long and dreary process


The time taken to achieve skin without acne scars can be significantly reduced if the individual takes after care precautions such as avoiding extended periods of sun exposure and applying sunblock before leaving home. Fractional laser results would last if the individual consistently returns for maintenance treatments.

3. The entire fractional laser treatment takes less than an hour.


The actual Fractional laser treatment itself takes around 15 minutes, however, an additional 20 minutes will be required as numbing has to be applied prior to the treatment.

4.Fractional laser results can be seen immediately


After the laser treatment, there will be redness on the skin, lasting for around 3-5 days. Results start to show after the first week and will continue to improve. Fractional laser can be done monthly so as to allow the skin to heal completely.

5. One session of Fractional Laser can solve all my skin problems


For optimal results, approximately 4-6 sessions are needed as each Fractional laser session aims to remove around 15-20% of the targeted skin issue.  (pigmentation, acne scars and fine lines)

Please consult a doctor to assess your skin to see if it is suitable for Fractional CO2 Laser.

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