What is Acne Scar



We’ve all dealt with acne at some point of our life. Very few can boast of never having to suffer from acne,even in their teens.However, there are some who struggle from it to the point that not only do they experience changes appearance-wise, but it also potentially leaves them with a low self-esteem.

Acne scars form when acne gets inflamed, which can be avoided if preventive steps are taken to before the acne becomes inflamed.

Reducing acne scars can be difficult depending on how deep they are, so it’s always recommended to prevent before they start to appear. In unfortunate cases whereby scars are present, there are some solutions that you may try to lighten or reduce them considerably.

Shallow acne scars can be treated with home remedies and over-the-counter creams, but deep scars require consistent and specific treatments that will help the damaged skin regenerate. That’s why we compiled a list of some of acne scar treatments for your skin:

Baking Soda

If the skin consists only of a few blemishes or a slight scar, applying this D-I-Y baking soda mask may help. Simply mix baking soda, water and lemon juice until it becomes of a paste consistency. Apply it every other night on areas with scars, leave it on for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water. It is important to apply it only at night as the lemon in combination with sunlight may cause some damage to the skin. Baking soda stimulates the production of collagen, which aids in restoring the skin.


When acne scars are more severe or have been present for a long period of time, the treatments required are much more specialised and should be prescribed by a certified doctor. One of the first options that is usually recommended are creams that promote collagen formation. They are also ideal for teenagers who have a problem with blackheads and pimples as it prevents deep and permanent scars. Consult a certified doctor for medical advice on what type of cream is better for you as well as how often it should be used.


Another efficient acne scar removal treatment are acid peels. It consists of applying a layer of mild acid to the skin where the marks are located. The skin eventually flakes off, giving way to a layer of firm and smooth skin. It is effective in treating scars caused by acne, and effects are usually seen after a session. This treatment should be applied to mature skin where there are no longer any active pimples.

Laser Treatments

This treatment has become popular among patients with acne scars due to its effectiveness. To begin, the doctor sweeps the laser over the scars, emitting laser shots that cause an alteration of the collagen fibers. With numbing cream, treatment sare comfortable and after a few sessions, you will see visible results-glowing skin with reduced acne scars. It’s important to mention that acne scars cannot heal completely as the skin is already badly damaged. However,lasers can help to improve the condition significantly and results will maintain so as long as there are steps taken to care for the skin. The application of this acne scar treatment should be carried out by an experienced doctor to avoid risk of skin damage or burns.


Also known as Collagen induction therapy, the treatment consists of passing a small roller full of micro-needles over the area affected by acne scars. These needles penetrate the skin, promoting the increase of collagen fibers on the skin. This treatment is targeted towards individuals with mild to moderate acne scars.

Microneedling in Gangnam Laser Clinic is done with an INTRAcel machine which releases Radiofrequency impulses through the micro-needles. This results in further collagen stimulation, improving the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, pores and acne scars. It is recommended that an experienced doctor performs the treatment.

All in all, do notlet your skin woes define you and stop you from enjoying life. If needed, choose the appropriate treatment according to your skin situation, and always go to a registered clinic.