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Everything you Need to Know about HIKO Nose Thread Lifts

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HIKO – literally translates to ‘high nose’ – is a new South Korean beauty treatment that lifts the nose and gives it a little extra height. The effect is a slightly more prominent nose and side profile, which is perfect for many faces that may naturally lack that distinction or shape. It sharpens the nose profile through nonsurgical methods, and the process is quick and minimally invasive.

Often referred to as a ‘lunchtime nose job,’ the HIKO thread nose lifts are extremely popular for their effectiveness in giving your nose the extra projection it needs, as well as defining the bridge and lifting the tip. The HIKO nose thread lift is often praised for its result, giving patients a ‘natural’ lift to the nose.

How does it work?

In medical terms, HIKO thread lifts for Nose are considered a non-surgical rhinoplasty (rhino – nose; -plasty – repair, restoration, replacement). Asians generally have a shorter, wider, and less-projecting nose, requiring augmentative and structural rhinoplasty.

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads – although slightly thicker than what you might be thinking – are inserted under the skin in treatment areas. Primarily, the threads are added in such a way that they create physical changes in your nose, causing that desired lift. In addition, the healing process from the thread lift can help to stimulate collagen production and activates skin tissue growth. New collagen and fibroblasts (cells that contribute to formation of supportive connective tissue, to the same effect) is developed around the area and adds to the new adjusted structure.

These threads are also being used in many common medical procedures which include cardiac surgeries. They function as sutures (stitches that close up open wounds or incisions), and have proven to be safe in many procedures – hence their application in the Korean thread lifts for Nose.

The number of threads and the area that the threads will be inserted differs from every patient’s anatomy and goals. In most cases, multiple threads are inserted in one session.

Benefits of the HIKO nose thread lift

HIKO nose thread lifts require lesser downtime for recovery as compared to a more invasive procedure. Cosmetic surgical procedures have a longer downtime and carry risks like infections and potential scarring. These risks, however, are reduced with thread lifts for Nose as it is not a surgical procedure.

Thread Lifts or Fillers?

When it comes to non-surgical nose contouring and procedures, both thread lifts and fillers have their own merits. Nose fillers have been around longer and aesthetic doctors generally have more experience working with fillers over the decade. It can also precisely correct uneven parts of the nose. thread lifts for Nose on the other hand are harder and firmer and is excellent for definition and contouring. With all things considered, both procedures are useful in their own right. It is recommended to speak to a professional and experienced provider to find out more on which procedures better suit you.

Points to note before committing to a thread lifts for Nose procedure

HIKO thread lifts for Nose lasts between 1 to 1.5 years, depending on individual. The sutures will dissolve naturally after 6 to 9 months but the collagen formed as well as the structure built from the fibroblasts while the sutures were in place will remain.

Local and topical anaesthesia will be administered before the sutures are being inserted to reduce discomfort during the procedure. Patients who suffer from auto-immune disorders, skin inflammation or have undergone rhinoplasty previously would not be a suitable candidate for thread lifts for Nose procedure.

Side effects like slight deviation or thread protrusion may occur, although rare. Return to the doctor immediately for correction if deviation or protrusion is observed.

There will be limitations to non-surgical procedures. One such limitations of nose thread lifts is that it will not be able to get rid of obvious humps.

In summary

The thread lifts for Nose is a procedure where you can observe improvements to your nose profile in a single treatment. It is non-surgical and minimally invasive with minimal side effects. It is important to have realistic expectations when it comes to the potential results of the HIKO thread lifts for Nose. Speak to our practitioners to find out more!

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