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Everything You Need to Know About HIFU Treatment

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Quarantine and lockdowns have affected many people around the world, having to stay less active because they are working from home and not being able to go to the gym either. On top of that, some people have even been eating more since they are spending more time at home and it’s easier to simply go to the kitchen and grab a snack. These factors have caused people to lose their shape and gain some extra pounds.

While working out at home is always recommended, it’s difficult for some people that don’t have much discipline, not to mention there are always a couple of areas that will not lose wait no matter how much you work out.

Fortunately for us, there are different treatments available in the market that can help us with this issue and get rid of that unwanted body fat. One of them is the HIFU treatment, which has been becoming increasingly popular over the past few years all around the world. HIFU in Singapore is particularly a fan favorite with clinics using the ultrasound technology. If you are still not familiar with this treatment make sure to stick around so you can learn everything about it and know if it’s an option for you!

HIFU Treatment Basics

  • HIFU stands for High-intensity focused ultrasound and it is a non-surgical procedure that makes use of technology along with medical-aesthetic applications to reduce localized fat and body flaccidity.
  • It uses the energy of ultrasound by applying heat to the areas to be treated, where temperatures of up 70° C can be reached, a higher level than that of radio frequency, which goes from 45 to 50°C, as well as a depth of up to 4.5 mm as opposed to radio frequency which reaches only 3 mm. Making use of this energy, it destroys the fatty deposits when the ultrasound waves penetrate the tissues. All of this is done without causing any damage to the skin, allowing an immediate contraction it, as well as the regeneration of collagen and elasticity, since it acts at the level of the epidermis and even the deeper dermis layer, which in turn means that we not only get a reduction of localized fat, but also a rejuvenation of the treated area, stimulating its natural regeneration and growth.
  • As we mentioned above, HIFU treatment is ideal to reduce troubling localized fat deposits that not even strict diets and workouts can get rid of. Thankfully, technology is on our side this time and has given us the gift of HIFU treatments.

Other Uses

HIFU treatments are so versatile that it is not exclusive to just one benefit of localized fat reduction. In fact, it has multiple benefits. For this reason, HIFU in Singapore is so widely used and we’ll mention some examples.

  • Facial Rejuvenation: It creates a lifting effect in a non-invasive way without the need of surgery, which is something a lot of individuals wish to avoid. Just like with the body areas, it also stimulates facial elastin and collagen, reducing fine wrinkles around the mouth and nose, forehead and eyes. Say goodbye to flaccid skin!
  • Reduces Eye Bags: Many individuals have been turning to HIFU treatment instead of getting fillers done to treat dark circles and eye bags. Simply reduce the appearance of dark circles and eye bags for a refreshed and revitalized look.
  • Hydrates The Skin: If you suffer from dry skin or live in Singapore where hot and humid weather is a constant HIFU treatments will also improve your skin’s natural hydration. This prevents future wrinkles from forming and leaves your skin with a healthy and luminous dewy look.
  • Ally Against Acne: If acne has been a constant issue in your life, HIFU treatments will become a strong ally in your fight against it. It reduces the size of pores which limits the amount of impurities that clog up the pores. This in turn results in lesser acne from forming.

People Who Are Not Viable Candidates For HiFU

While there are benefits, safety is always a priority before undergoing any type of procedure regardless of whether they are non-invasive or not. If you have any of these conditions it is not recommended to go under a HIFU treatment.

Women who are either pregnant or going through a lactation process, people with coagulation/tissue related diseases, epilepsy, open wounds, fever, intoxicated, severe infections, cancer, really severe acne, morbid obesity, metallic implants, renal insufficiency, renal insufficiency or if you had a dental implant within the last month, just to name some. But be sure to check with the professional in charge of your treatment if you have any important questions.

All in all, the HIFU treatment is a great non-invasive alternative in replacement of surgery. With all these benefits, what’s not there to love?