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Reduce Persistent Acne Scars with INTRAcel RF Micro-Needling

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If you are reading this, chances are that you have acne scars and would love to reduce them. With the wide selection of potential treatments on the market, which should you take up?

INTRAcel, a non-invasive treatment based by combining radio frequency and micro-needling to form a comprehensive, two-prong procedure that tackles acne scars from the different layers of your skin. Developed in the United States and adopted by dermatologists worldwide due to its results and patient satisfaction, an INTRAcel acne scar can significantly reduce as soon as six to eight weeks after treatment.

This article goes through the entire INTRAcel process, as well as what to expect should you choose to undergo treatment.

Firstly, How Do Acne Scars Form?

The short answer is that when acne pops, the skin is unable to repair the damaged pore thus creating a permanent scar.

The slightly longer answer is that acne can occur due to a number of reasons – oil, dead cells, bacteria, diet, lack of sleep and stress. The inflamed acne swells and often bursts, causing all its contents to be released. The immune system senses this ‘injury’ and begin the process of healing to seal the affected part of your skin. However, as with any other injury, these can leave marks and scars.

There are two common categories of scars – hypertrophic (seen as a risen bump) and atrophic (seen as holes on the skin). Both are treatable with the INTRAcel procedure. This acne scar procedure can be used almost anywhere on your body, including shoulders, back, and forehead!

So, How Does INTRAcel Work?

Micro-needling works by penetrating deeply into the skin at a depth that will be defined based on your needs. Due to its effective results, it has become a well-known procedure, which is why many customers opt to undergo micro-needling procedures or facials.

In INTRAcel, micro-needling is combined with radio frequency treatment. When the needles enter the skin, radio frequency is released and passed through to help stimulate skin cells, the most important of which is additional collagen production. The patented INTRAcel acne scar process allows the radio frequency to go deep into the skin and thus allow your epidermis to rebuild your skin from within. Radio frequency treatments, like micro-needling, are also common aesthetic procedures.

By combining two treatments into one, customers receive the benefits of both treatments. Micro-needling allows radio frequency to penetrate deeper as compared to non-invasive procedures. Individuals see an improvement of acne scars, pore size, wrinkles, and visibly younger, firmer-looking skin.

What is the Procedure Itself Like?

Firstly, numbing cream is applied and allowed to take effect over thirty minutes. Some patients elect to skip this process in order to reduce treatment duration.

Once the numbing cream takes effect, the depth of the micro-needle is set based on the comfort level of the patient. First-time patients may start at a much shallower level as they may not be entirely comfortable with the slight sensation. More experienced patients may request for a deeper depth over time so that they may experience the full effects of INTRAcel. The INTRAcel  heals significantly when the needles are able to penetrate deeper, making it a more effective acne scar treatment.

The process of the treatment itself takes around 15-20 minutes, and will usually result in some redness to the skin. We recommend monthly treatments for at least four to six months (depending on the severity of the acne scars), and potentially more.

Patients should avoid being under the intense sunlight immediately after the procedure; we recommend waiting for at least a few hours to ensure that the sun damage does not prolong the side effects of the treatment.

In Summary:

Inttracel acne scar is a well-known procedure in the U.S., used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, sun damage, and even stretch marks. When combined with good skincare routines, healthy diet and habits, as well as plenty of water intake, even stubborn scars may be addressed with INTRAcel.

Effects certainly depend heavily on the individual – for instance, INTRAcel may not be as helpful if the customer’s habits continue to produce persistent acne, as new scars will form even when the older ones have been taken care of. We recommend speaking to our team to customise a suitable set of treatments for you!