Scars and What Can One Do About It



Acne scars and acne – problems most of us will face. It often causes immense stress as we try to hide or remove them with multiple over-the-counter products.

One might think that acne issues are only faced by teenagers, however, some of us might still be facing them as adults. The problem with acne is that it does not just affect our teenage years but continues to plague us well into our adulthood – in the form of hormonal or stress acne.

They are usually categorized into 2 groups – non-inflammatory or inflammatory acne. Different methods and treatments are used to treat these 2 groups of acne. Most of us might experience more than 1 type of acne at once.

Even after our breakout period is over, we are left with acne scars — which requires time and effort to get rid of. There are different types of acne scars, resulting in a range of solutions to fade the scars.

As we all have different skin types, conditions and habits, it is difficult to pinpoint what the exact cause of your acne is. However, one of the common causes of acne breakouts are clogged pores.

Majority of us are looking for pore and acne laser treatments in Singapore to help to solve our acne and scarring issues while at the same time, restoring a youthful and refreshed look.

Different Treatments to Target Different Types of Acne

With a variety of lasers, micro-needling and pulsed light treatments, we can help to target different kinds of acne with the range of treatments offered in our clinic. Here are some of the available options for effective acne scar treatment.

It is advisable for patients with a combination of acne scars and active acne to only proceed on to scar removal and pore treatment once the active acne is treated.

  1. Gangnam Carbon Peel Laser treatment

This treatment involves applying a thin layer of carbon that is spread over your skin. The laser would gently vacuum up the carbon, exfoliating and removing skin impurities. This laser deep cleanses your pores and helps to target the deeper layers of your skin to stimulate collagen growth and get rid of dead cells.

This treatment is especially effective towards:

  • Reducing the size of your pores
  • Stimulating skin renewal
  • Even skin tone and texture

The Carbon Peel Laser treatment takes about 10 mins each session and can be done every 3 to 4 weeks with no downtime at all.

2.Silkpeel Microdermabrasion Skin Treatment

This treatment uses advanced technology in microdermabrasion. It is different from conventional microdermabrasion because it uses a wet abrasion method to exfoliate skin and stimulate new cell growth. It infuses skin-specific dermaceuticals during the treatment.

It requires no downtime and is non-invasive.

Silkpeel helps to remove layers of dead skin, leaving your skin supple and you will notice that skincare products are absorbed more quickly and easily into your skin, resulting in improved effects of your skincare routine as they are able to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Silkpeel is suitable for all skin types and can improve various visible imperfections. It requires no downtime at all and you can go about your daily activities right after the treatment.

3.Chemical Peel Skin Treatment

A chemical peeling agent will be applied on to the skin and the acids from the peel will penetrate into your skin, exfoliating the dead cells on the top layer. The peeling process will help get rid of pigmentation and this also helps to stimulate collagen production and new epidermal cells are also formed.

This chemical Peel Skin Treatment can be used to remove surface acne scars and pigmentation, leaving your skin soft and bright after the treatment.

There may be some redness experienced after the treatment but it will subside after a few days. It is advisable to avoid exposure to the sun during this time as your new skin is more sensitive to harmful UV rays. This treatment requires no downtime at all.

4.Blue LED Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT)

Through this procedure, blue light with a unique wavelength of 408nm will be targeted into your skin. This blue light is able to target acne that is lodged under your epidermis and the light emitted from this procedure absorbs the bacteria in the acne. This treatment requires regular sessions of up to 8 sessions over a period of 4 weeks to clear out the acne, leaving your skin healthy and clear. This is a generally longer method as compared to the others but it does prove to be effective and safe.

5.INTRAcel Lifting Skin Treatment

This treatment tightens your skin with INTRAcel Non-Needle Mode where radiofrequency energy is used and targeted on your fine wrinkles. Watch as your wrinkles slowly fade away. Flaunt that radiant glow and youthful skin as you pamper yourself with an aftercare hydro-lifting mask to revitalise and refresh your skin.

Experience and Results:

Laser acne and pore treatments are ideal for individuals seeking a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment in Singapore for their acne issues.

With groundbreaking advances in technology throughout the years, laser and pore treatments act as a solution for individuals who would like to reduce their scars and acne breakouts.

The treatments are non-invasive – requiring no downtime at all and individuals will achieve visible results after a few sessions. It also improves the overall appearance of skin and reduces the visual imperfections of the skin by brightening and toning the skin throughout the treatment process. It results in a reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and pore size, enhancing skin tone and texture.

Within a couple of laser and pore treatments that specifically targets your acne, you will gradually notice lesser outbreaks and clearer looking skin. Long gone are the days where you sleep with pimple patches all over your face hoping that they will disappear the next morning.

Clearer looking skin can also help to boost confidence levels – our acne can sometimes cause us to feel more stressed out than we already are as we feel very self-conscious of the acne on our faces. With effective pore and acne treatments on the go, you will never have to feel this way again!

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