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Would like to improve how your nose looks? Perhaps you’d prefer a high nose bridge and a slightly more defined tip? Hiko nose lift can help to achieve a defined nose shape without having to go under the knife.

Hiko nose lift is a minimally-invasive nose augmentation and enhancement procedure. Unlike the traditional rhinoplasty, Hiko nose lift has minimal downtime and yields a more natural result. As the Hiko nose lift enhances and improves the look of your nose instead of reforming it. These threads can actually help to stimulate the production of collagen and the tissues along the thread. The improved nose shape will remain even after the threads have dissolved.

In comparison to nose fillers, Hiko nose lift can effectively lift the nose bridge as well as improve tip projection and rotation. Results from the Hiko nose lifts are natural and the risk of vessel occlusion is minimal. The reason behind the popularity of nose threading in Singapore and in Asia is due to its effectiveness and how safe the procedure is compared to fillers and rhinoplasty.

Our Hiko nose lifts will help those who are seeking nose contouring procedures to achieve an improved and defined nose shape. The Hiko nose lift enhances and improves the look of the noses. Hiko nose thread lifts are also preferred by many doctors in Singapore as it is safer as compared to rhinoplasty. Our Hiko nose lift is minimally invasive – it brings about the same results as one would achieve through surgical procedures. This nose lift procedure also drastically reduces the risks and side effects that are usually associated with rhinoplasty surgeries.

Under the safe and experienced hands of Gangnam Laser’s team of certified doctors, the team guarantees that all patients are treated with dedication and care. Where we strive to deliver the utmost service for each and every one of you in an environment where treatments are received with ease, respect, and, complete privacy.

Procedure and Results:

Before the Hiko nose lift procedure, a consultation will be done with our doctor to enable him/her to have a better understanding of what kind of results you’d like to achieve through the procedure. This will enable us to give you comprehensive feedback on how your nose will look after the procedure as well as how many threads or additional features you might like to add to make sure that you can achieve the look you desire. After the consultation, you will also be briefed on the procedure of the Hiko nose lift.

Firstly, a local numbing cream will be applied to your nose to ensure minimal discomfort. This is then followed by local anesthesia injected to further improve comfort levels. Next, Hiko nose threads are inserted and placed carefully into the nose. The nose thread lift will help to sculpt and contour your nose, helping you achieve an improved nose bridge and tip, creating an immediate lift without having to go under the knife. The number of threads needed for this procedure varies.

Although some might prefer going under the knife to achieve permanent results, a nose thread lift is an alternative for individuals looking for an overall definition and tip projection. The Hiko nose lift is able to create a more natural-looking result with lower risks of complications.

The number of threads required for the procedure varies among different individuals. The thread count relies on how many definitions you’d like. A simple consultation with our doctors will help you to understand how your nose will look after the procedure and we can also understand the look you’d like and find a suitable solution to achieve it.

This treatment requires minimal downtime at all and one may immediately resume their normal daily activities after the procedure. The procedure takes about 45-60 minutes and some might experience slight swelling and redness in the nose region after the procedure, however, this will not hinder any of your daily activities. A simple after-care consultation will be given after the procedure.

Our doctors are certified, experienced, and committed to helping you achieve your desired results. The effects of this treatment tend to last between 12-18 months.

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