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Details on the Carbon Laser Peel

Acne and oily skin have been a long-term problem for people all around the world. This problem is quite prominent in South East Asia, causing many here to suffer from acne. The effects of acne are not very serious, but over time they can be rather irritating. If acne is not dealt with it can affect the health of your skin, not to mention they can cause scarring. Some of the scars caused by acne are just temporary, but the worse it is the more risk you have for a permanent scar. For this reason, the Carbon Laser Peel procedure has become quite popular. What is the Carbon Laser Peel Procedure? Read on to find out.

carbon laser peel treatment active

How Does it Work?

A thin layer of carbon is spread over the area that is to be treated. After a short time, the carbon is absorbed into the skin. A laser is then moved across the area, vacuuming up the carbon particles. As the carbon particles are vacuumed, the skin is exfoliated and the debris covering the pores is removed. The laser also targets the deeper skin layers and stimulates collagen growth. As the laser fires, you will experience a warm sensation and hear tiny explosions. This is perfectly normal as the explosions help deliver the heat to your skin.

What Results Should You Expect?

The results of this treatment are almost instant. You will notice that your pores feel open and smaller, as well as the fact that your skin has become smoother and brighter. Your skin tone will appear even due to the accuracy of the laser. All-in-all you should feel fresh, smooth, and radiant.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Carbon Laser Peel is perfectly safe and does not cause any serious complications. The procedure takes a maximum of ten minutes. Once complete you can go about your day as normal. The only side effect that some people notice is a slight redness over the treated area. This redness should dissipate within a couple of hours. We do recommend that you keep the treated area moist with some form of a cream. We also recommend that you avoid prolonged direct sunlight exposure just to be on the safe side.

Should I Account for any Recovery Time?

There is no need to plan any recovery time after this procedure. Upon completion of the treatment, we will apply a blend of creams to the area in order to soothe, protect, and moisturise the skin. After this, patients can return to their normal daily habits without consequence. This makes Carbon Laser Peel treatment very viable as all it requires is that you set aside ten minutes of your day every two or three weeks. Ten minutes is a small price to pay in order to keep your skin healthy and radiant, would you not agree?