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Our most recommended and effective acne scar treatments are laser treatment. It is the simplest, fastest, healthiest, and most efficient method available in this modern world. Laser treatments are so efficient that they can be accomplished in just a few minutes with no risk to your health at all. There are many other effective options for acne treatment, however. Most of these are less effective or more time consuming when compared with laser treatments. Each acne treatment has its own advantages and disadvantages. Read on to learn about some other acne treatment methods.


One way to treat acne is through an injection. The injection contains steroids that are designed to reduce inflammation, increase the healing process, and lower the chances of acne scarring. While this injection is easy enough to use and is quite effective, it is not always successful. Most of the time, a steroid injection will effectively reduce inflammation as well as improve your rate of healing. It does not always avoid a scar, however. There are times where even though the acne heals quicker than normal, a scar will still remain. The chances of this are minimal, but why take a chance when there is an option with a 100% chance of success?

Oral Medication

Oral medications for acne scar treatment include antibiotics and isotretinoin. These oral medications are taken in the form of pills that will be broken down in your stomach and distributed throughout your bloodstream. The idea behind oral medication for acne treatment is that the contents of the pills will aid the immune system and natural healing ability of your body, allowing your acne to clear up faster. While this is the easiest method, it is not the most effective. Oral medication has one of the highest scarring percentages of all the mentioned treatments. This method of acne treatment is best for weaker pimple forms, such as white heads or black heads.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are directly applied to the skin. The chemicals will penetrate the epidermis and exfoliate the top layer of skin when removed. Upon removal, you will feel a stinging sensation, but that will pass in minutes. This process will remove brown pigments, fine lines, surfaced acne, and dark complexion. While this process is effective at the removal of surface deformities, it cannot penetrate past the epidermal layer. An acne that is still lodged in the dermal layer of your skin will continue to clot your pores and grow.

Blue LED Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT)

PDT is the most Effective acne scar treatment that emits a blue light with a unique wavelength of 408nm on an acne prone area. The light is absorbed by the bacteria in the acne, causing it to die. One treatment session will clear up your skin and takes just 20 minutes. It is a perfectly safe procedure. Unfortunately, the procedure requires up to eight sessions over a period of four weeks to completely clear out all the acne and leave your skin spotless. While this method is safe and efficient, laser treatment is equally as safe and requires a single five or ten-minute session.

Effective Acne Scar Treatment

Acne scar treatments can be slow and tedious. It is hard to determine whether acne scar treatment is effective or not, until one has tried the treatment. A variety of lasers, micro-needling and pulsed light are some of the available options for effective acne scar treatment.

For patients with a combination of acne scars and active acne, it is recommended that the active acne is treated and controlled before any acne scar treatment.