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Face threadlifts

Are you dealing with the problem of sagging skin? You are not alone! Sags and folds can be a common issue past the age of 30 years old and happen due to ageing and gravity. Threadlift is one of the options to tighten sagging skin on the face, erase wrinkles and soften the appearance of facial lines. Besides creating a defined V-shape look, threadlift can also address the skin laxity problem under the chin and on the neck.

At Gangnam Laser Clinic, we use PDO threads from Korea. PDO refers to polydioxanone, a clinically proven bio-compatible material uses in medical suturing. PDO threads are safe and have been widely used for many years in hospitals.  These threads are dissolvable and effective for sagging areas around the cheeks, naso-labial folds (laugh lines), jowls and marionette lines (corners around the mouth). A turkey neck is an unwanted feature for most and can easily reveal a person’s real age. Threadlifts can help in improving the skin on the neck as well.

The type of threads used are typically Mono and Cog threads. Mono threads are smooth and made without barbs. These threads are good for tightening and cell rejuvenation. Whereas Cog threads have barbs throughout that acts as hooks and scaffolding to anchor the skin. This creates a more pronounced tightening and lifting effect.

One of the perks of threadlift is the ease of procedure customisation to the patient’s needs. The number and type of threads required usually depends on the patient’s budget, skin laxity and desired outcome.

The best candidates for threadlifts are those with moderate to mild skin sagging. Threadlifts can also be combined with other techniques such as fillers if necessary. Each treatment can last up to 12 months, after which the effects will be carried on due to a collagen boost. There may be mild to moderate swelling and bruise post-procedure but this should subside within 7 days.

Are you ready to restore your youthful appearance?


How can laser treatment benefit my skin?

There are many laser treatment options available on the market and they can target different skin concerns. In recent years, more individuals have turned to laser treatments as a solution, compared to topical creams or oral skincare products. There are two types of lasers, non-ablative and ablative lasers.

Non-ablative lasers are non-invasive treatments that heat up the underlying skin without causing any harm. This means you will be able to return to your usual daily routine almost immediately. Treatment time is quick yet efficient so you will be able to notice visible results after a few sessions. The reduced downtime and the minimised medical requirements make laser treatments more affordable.

Ablative lasers usually involve resurfacing the top layer of the skin and although recovery time may take 1-3 days, the results of renewed skin makes it all worthwhile.

One can expect to see clearer and healthier skin with regular laser sessions. We recommend including laser treatments into your monthly skincare routine as a form of skin maintenance as it can help to resolve various skin problems, resulting in brighter and livelier skin. It improves skin texture, enlarged pores and mild acne scarring. It is also effective in handling many different issues of abnormal pigmentation including freckles, sun spots, age spots, resulting in lasting improvement. Our doctors will tailor a treatment plan for each patient to provide the most suitable treatment with the best outcome.

After a couple of sessions, you will notice that your overall skin tone and texture becomes even and brighter. You know you have laser treatments to be thankful for when you look at yourself in the mirror and realise you don’t need a filter to look good.

One major skin rule we always tell our patients to abide by is to apply sunscreen before leaving home. Exposing yourself to harmful UV rays ages your skin at a faster rate. Not only does your skin age faster, but pigmentation marks also appear due to the exposure to UV rays.

If inevitably some pigmentation does appear due to ageing or sun exposure, laser treatments such as Q-Switched Laser or Pico Laser can help to lessen the damage. Therefore, it is vital to care for your skin even before ageing begins—before 25 years old.

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