HIFU Ultra Facelift

Skin Tightening The Korean Way

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What is HIFU?

HIFU is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound technology that uses highly magnified ultrasound to generate heat in targeted layers of the skin. The use of ultrasound for diagnostic procedures is common but now the technology can be used to treat sagging skin.

The heat generated by the HIFU beams are delivered into the deeper layers of the skin promoting the tightening of collagen fibres and generation of new collagen as well.

HIFU can be used as a preventive treatment as well as to reduce existing fine lines. The tightening produces a much desired lifting effect and patients will notice smaller pores, tighter and improved skin tone.

It is a non invasive treatment that has minimal downtime.

HIFU Ultra Facelift Benefits:

Diminishing Fine Lines

Fine lines can be due to cumulative sun exposure, daily movements of the facial muscles and normal skin aging. Lines start to appear in areas like the forehead, around the eyes and around the mouth. HIFU can help to reduce these wrinkles by stimulating collagen fibre tightening and synthesis of new collagen. This results in increased elasticity of skin and reduction of visible lines in the areas treated giving a youthful, wrinkle-free appearance.

Saggy Skin & Pore Sizes

Over time, we all experience diminishing of collagen in our skin. Gravity causes it to sag and this also leads to more visible pores. HIFU beams are focused to the appropriate layers in the skin and the generation of heat results in contraction of these layers and the formation of new collagen.  The result – tauter and firmer skin resulting in a lifted face and reduced pore size.

Eyebrow Lift

The loss of collagen causes wrinkles to form on our foreheads and around our eyes. Droopy eyelids may result giving a sleepy appearance which many people do not like. HIFU can be used for lifting of the brows as well as reducing droopy eye lids and crows feet.  This gives a refreshed, brighter appearance of the eyes.

Firming Jawline

The ageing process leads to loss of elasticity of skin and loss of volume in cheek areas. Jowls start to appear and saggy skin results in a poorly defined jawline and the dreaded double chin. HIFU helps reduce the appearance of jowls and eliminating saggy skin, leading to a firmer jawline while diminishing the appearance of that double chin. A slimmer, defined V-shaped contour in the lower face is possible

Eliminates Neck Lines

The appearance of lines on the neck are a common complaint and this is another area where HIFU can help. With the firming and lifting of the skin, the visibility of neck lines are reduced.

Body Contouring

With weight loss and ageing, it is inevitable that skin on the body becomes looser and the body shape becomes less defined. HIFU can be applied to desired body areas to tighten and stimulate collagen for a smoother body contour.

Treatment Procedure

After cleansing the skin, topical numbing cream is applied to the areas to be treated.  A gel will be used to facilitate scanning and the HIFU applicator is placed on the target area for the therapy.  The duration of treatment depends on the size of the areas being treated.