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Gangnam Signature Facial

Signature Facials by Gangnam Laser Clinic

강남 대표 페이셜 관리

Achieve Your Gangnam Glow with Advanced Korean Aesthetic Technology

Gangnam Laser Facial

A customised treatment plan that is tailored to your skin type. Using any combination of laser and IPL, our doctor will tailor a plan for you to provide the most appropriate treatment with the best outcome.

Gangnam Signature Facial a versatile treatment that can be used to treat a wide variety of different skin conditions.

It is a non invasive treatment that can be used to rejuvenate dull skin, resulting in brighter, livelier skin tone while at the same time addressing issues of laxity especially in skin with early sagging.  The laser facial also improves skin texture, pores, mild acne scarring as well as many different issues of abnormal pigmentation including freckles, sun spots and age spots, resulting in lasting improvement.

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