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Gangnam Signature Laser Trial


Dealing with skin troubles and want to get rid of them? Gangnam Signature Laser is a non-invasive treatment that helps to resolve skin issues such as acne, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and mild acne scarring. The laser treatment is suitable for all skin types and gender.

Each session includes a consultation to examine your skin, this is continued with the actual treatment (done by our doctors) and ending with a mask to hydrate skin. For Gangnam Signature Laser, there are 3 types of skin treatments that can be done depending on your skin problems.


With minimal pain and downtime, the Carbon Peel Laser is beneficial to those with oily acne-prone skin, enlarged pores, dull skin, and acne. It also works well as an exfoliant as the carbon penetrates into pores, resulting in softer and smoother skin.

Carbon Peel Laser also reduces fine lines and wrinkles as it targets the deeper layers of the skin that stimulates collagen production.  After the recommended number of sessions, the skin will look and feel firm.

The treatment begins with the application of a layer of carbon on skin. Laser is highly attracted to carbon particles and when it moves across the face, it destroys the carbon, along with dead skin cells, P.acne (acne causing bacteria) and sebum.



Q-switched is a laser that emits a beam of energy at a specific wavelength of 1064nm. The laser breaks down pigments into smaller particles. The power settings can be adjusted to different levels and frequencies to accommodate to specific skin conditions.

It can be used to treat pigmentation (freckles, age/sun spots), acne scars and hyper-pigmentation. Similarly to Carbon Peel Laser, Q-switched Laser stimulates collagen production, resulting in firmer and smoother looking skin.



KPL (Korean Pulsed Light), also known as photorejuvenation, uses powerful light pulses to eradicate unwanted brown pigments, breaking them down into tiny particles, which will be naturally removed by the body.

It removes skin pigmentation issues such as sun damage, rosacea, birthmarks and melasma.

KPL is also commonly used in body and facial hair removal treatments.


Is it safe?

Our lasers are non-invasive and are FDA approved.


Can I apply makeup after the treatment?

Yes, you may apply makeup immediately after as there is no downtime.


How do I know which lasers to do?

Not to worry, our doctors will examine your skin during consultation and depending on your skin, use either one or a combination of the mentioned lasers.


Is it painful? 

Everyone has different levels of comfort thresholds. Generally, most of our patients feel fine. However, we can provide numbing cream if you have a lower threshold.


How many sessions must I undergo to see results? 

We recommend patients to come for at least 3-6 sessions as the skin takes time to adjust to the laser. Further sessions can be done as a form of maintenance.


What is the interval between every session?

Depending on your skin, our doctors recommend one session every 2-4 weeks.


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