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Korean Medical Advisors

Dr. Jung Kwang Seup1

Dr. Jung Kwang Seup

President of Bonita Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Clinic
Gangnam, Seoul

Dr Jung Kwang Seoup graduated from Sao Paulo Catholic Medical University Brazil. He completed his residency at Sao Paulo Beneficencia Portuguesa and served as a chief surgeon in charge of breast plastic surgery.

He is the President of Bonita Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Clinic and a member of Academic Association of Plastic Surgeons of Brazil. He also holds the titles of the Chairman of Asia Forum for Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine, the Chairman of International congress of Korea-Japan-China Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine and The Chairman of the Executive Committee of KAAS.

Dr. Kwon Yong Hyun

Medical Director of Bloom Clinic in Gangnam, Seoul

Dr Kwon Yong Hyun is the Medical Director of Bloom Clinic in Gangnam, Seoul and a pathfinder for medical aesthetics. He has developed his own proprietary procedures, methods and devices. Bloom Clinic is the Korean Medical training centre for Gangnam Laser Clinic



Dr. In-Mo Yoon, Andrew1

Dr. In-Mo Yoon, Andrew

Head Plastic Surgeon
Unimedi Plastic Surgery Hospital, Seoul

Dr Yoon is a Member of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. He was the former Chief of Plastic Surgery at St John Paul’s Hospital, and Professor of Plastic Surgery at Seoul St Mary’s Hospital.

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