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Plexr Plasma Eye-lift

Droopy eyelids are a common problem and make us look significantly older and more tired than we really are.  It can affect people of different age groups and not just the elderly.  In the past, eyelid surgery was the only option available to lift the eyelids and restore that youthful appearance.  Although it was an effective treatment, surgery often came with associated risks and costs.

Plexr Plasma Eyelift treatment is however, an alternative non-surgical and cost-effective way to achieve similar results. The Plexr treatment uses a handheld device that ionises the air resulting in plasma and this evaporates the excessive skin without damaging the surrounding areas. A series of mini dots on the skin is created, hence triggering an instantaneous contraction and tightening of skin fibres to lift, remodel and rejuvenate the area.

Topical anaesthetics are applied to the area to be treated for the patient’s comfort.  Next, the Plexr device tip is applied to the areas to be treated in a specific order and manner, effectively removing the excess skin in this area.  These areas will quickly form scabs which will fall off within a week.  The skin colour should then normalise within a few days.

Key uses:

  • Eye bag or saggy eyelid correction
  • Neck lift
  • Active acne & Scarring
  • Facial or Neck lines and wrinkles
  • Age spots, skin lesions (flat or raised)

Will I benefit from Plexr?

Yes, it is useful for ageing and a variety of skin concerns.  Plexr is a safe treatment for all skin types.

A full consultation with a doctor prior to surgery is needed to ascertain his/her main problem and whether he/she will benefit from Plexr Plasma Eye-lift treatment.

Plexr Versus Surgery

  • No injectable anaesthetic required
  • No stitches
  • No cutting of skin; no surgical risks involved
  • Slight bruising, less downtime (3-7 days)
  • No thinning of skin
  • Quick (30 mins a session) procedure

Book a consultation with the doctor if you wish to discuss the treatment further.