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Popular Acne Treatment Methods

There are many different methods for treating acne. Everyone has their own favourite, but there are a few that are more popular than the rest. These treatments are more popular for several different reasons, including their ease of access and effectiveness. As to which of these is your favourite, only you can decide. Read on about the most popular acne treatments and see which one you think is the best.

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Various peels, such as the Chemical, Carbon Laser, and Silk peel, are used to treat acne as well as oily skin and other skin related issues. Each of these peels has their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the needs of the patient. All three have the ability to unclog the body’s pores which in turn removes acne from the skin and gives it a smooth, radiant glow. These treatments are administered and completed in minutes and do not require any recovery time. Their efficiency and speed are the main reasons that they are so popular. Most peel treatments require mere minutes every few weeks.

Homecare Products

Homecare products are popular mainly because you can administer them on your own without the need to go to a doctor. This method also tends to be a lot cheaper than others. Some common home care products used are creams, cleansers, and moisturisers. These can be self-administered at your own convenience. Even so, we strongly recommend getting advice from your doctor even for home care products to ensure that your treatment is successful.


Injections for treating acne come in the form of steroids. These steroid injections have a triple effect on your skin. The first effect is to start clearing out the current acne. This takes longer than other methods but is still achieved after some time. The second effect is to increase the skin’s healing rate after the dead skin cells are removed. The third effect is to lessen the chances of scarring, mainly because the skin has been made stronger by increasing its healing and production rate. This method is popular because it is simple; takes an injection and the results will come on their own. The injection can also reduce an inflammation you are currently experiencing, providing some extra comfort to your skin.

Oral Medicine

Oral medicine is popular because it is as easy as popping pills into your mouth every now and then. Do not be fooled by the ease with which you can use this method, however. The common prescriptions are antibiotics or isotretinoin, both of which need to be carefully used. Neither is overly dangerous, however, an overdose of one or the other could lead to some uncomfortable side effects. Make sure to get the prescription from your doctor and be sure that you are aware of the exact time and amount you are supposed to consume in a given day.

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