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Pros for Each of Our Facelift Options

We provide three different forms of facelift treatment. Each one has an advantage over and above the other that makes it more useful in certain circumstances. We strongly recommend that you get advice from your personal dermatologist before making a decision for which treatment you would like to have. However, we have put in the effort to give you the various advantages for each of these procedures to give you some idea of your own first. Read on to find out which treatment is made for you.


HIFU Ultra Facelift

HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. The HIFU device can be used to treat the skin all the way to the root. The device then targets energy into the areas that require treatment. This energy improves the rate of collagen growth as well as collagen density, tightening up the skin. The main effects of this treatment are to keep the skin tight for several years, increase the overall health of your skin, and rejuvenate the skin to give the appearance of youth. The treatment can be used on most of your facial features. It is risk-free, painless, and easy. The procedure takes between five and ten minutes with no recovery time or side effects.


Ultherapy is ultrasound waves to target specific locations under the surface of your skin. The ultrasound waves will energize collagen production as well as tighten your skin over time. This procedure is the only facelift procedure that allows the surgeon to see every layer of the skin so as to treat the exact locations needed. The procedure is quick and painless with no side effects; however, it has little effect on the surface of your skin, other than the tightening effect. This treatment can be used by anyone regardless of skin tone, gender, or age. This is because the treatment targets specific locations under the skin’s surface, meaning that all you require is to have relatively healthy skin in order to use this treatment.

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Thermage CPT

Thermage CPT focuses mostly on the surface of your skin. If you have scars, wrinkles, or sagging skin then Thermage treatment is the way to go. The procedure blasts heat through the skin’s surface penetrating the epidermal skin layers. It can remove skin impurities including excessive pigment cells and freckles. The treatment requires minimal recovery time, however you will need to avoid sunlight for several days. This treatment also tends to rejuvenate your skin by burning off dead skin cells and increasing the growth of new pure cells. Almost any portion of your body can be treated using this procedure provided you have relatively healthy skin. All of these treatments have uses depends on your condition. Which one do you think is for you?

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