Subcision 2

Deep acne scarring can cause mental anguish to those who have once fought the acne battle and treatment is a challenging dilemma. Different acne scars require different modes of treatments

Subcision or subcutaneous incisionless surgery is a procedure where deeply bounded scars are treated with needles of varying sizes. Some of these needles have blade-like ends to cut the fibrous bands, hence freeing the skin from deep puckered indents. Once these bands are severed, the body naturally secretes platelets and induce new collagen synthesiss

Although tedious, subcision can improve deep acne scars when skilfully done. When subcision is applied at the wrong depth, there is minimal improvement. The right needles need to be chosen so as to prevent the skin from sloughing off and even causing a deeper scar.

Sometimes, a few of the fibers may re-adhere, resulting in the reappearance of some scars. As such, Subcision is usually combined with treatments such as chemical peels, Co2 resurfacing or fillers for more desirable results.

What types of scars can be improved by subcision?

As subcision is a surgical technique where a needle or scalpel is gently inserted into the skin to “free” the tissues once pulling the indented scars down, deep scars can greatly benefit from this method.

  • Is Subcision painful?

The common saying goes “No pain, no gain” but rest assured that Gangnam Laser Clinic provides numbing options to keep the pain at minimal.

  • How much does subcision cost?

We keep it affordable from $80 onwards.

  • Should subcision be done independently or with other treatments?

Fillers can be combined with subcision to volumise and promote collagen synthesis.

  • How many sessions of Subcision does one require?

This depends on the depth of the scar and one’s skin type. The average number is 2-4 sessions, each subcision treatment to be done a month apart.

  • What is the downtime for Subcision?

Redness and swelling will subside in about 3 days while light bruising usually fades away within a week.