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Threadlift VS Nose Fillers

There are a variety of differences between the Thread lift Procedure and Nose Filler treatment. Nose fillers have been around far longer than Thread lift. Many people, however, are beginning to turn more toward the Thread lift procedure over Nose Fillers. There are a number of reasons why the Thread lift procedure is becoming so popular. Read on to find out what they are.

No Deep Incisions Required

When you use a Nose Filler, you can either use it through an injection or by making an incision in order to sift the filler inside. With the Thread lift Procedure, all your surgeon needs to do is carefully thread the material through the first few layers of your skin. After this, they will pull the thread up in order to lift the skin that it is now attached to. When the thread has lifted your skin to the optimal level, the surgeon will tie off the thread, hiding it from view.

Lower Scarring Risk

Not only does the Thread lift procedure have a lower risk of complication, but it also has minimal scarring risk. The chances of causing scarring with the tiny threads used in this procedure are so small than any professional surgeon will be able to perform it in their sleep. The Nose Filler treatment has been improved to reduce scarring chance as well, but it is still higher than the Thread lift procedure.

It’s Easier and Painless

The Thread lift procedure will take you a mere one or two hours to complete and will last for 12 to 18 months. If that wasn’t good enough already, most patients don’t even use anaesthetic at all because the treatment does not hurt. You will feel slight discomfort while the thread is being inserted but most choose to bear it so they can observe the procedure and comment. Once it has been done you don’t even need to take time off for recovery. You can simply walk out and carry on with your day.

It is Better for Your Wallet

The Thread lift procedure is actually much cheaper than Nose Fillers and will not cause you to break the bank quite so much. Even though a Nose Lift treatment will last longer than the Thread lift procedure if you budget out the cost over the years, Thread lift comes out on top by a significant margin. All the expenses contained with the surgery and installation of a Nose Filler are removed, allowing you to have your vibrant, smooth skin without needing to watch how much you spend on other things so closely. These are just a few of the advantages that the Thread lift procedure has over Nose Lift treatment. The Thread lift procedure is better in so many ways that it is a wonder that anyone still uses the original Nose Peel method.

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