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What is Nose Thread lift and How Does One Go About Finding the Right Treatment?

Hiko nose lift in Singapore

What is Nose Thread lift and How Does One Go About Finding the Right Treatment?

If you are not entirely satisfied with how your nose looks or have thoughts of slightly improving on the aesthetics of your nose – for example maybe high nose bridge and a defined tip? Hiko nose thread lift can help to achieve a contoured and defined nose without going under the knife.

Hiko nose lift in Singapore is a non-invasive and non-surgical nose augmentation and enhancement procedure. Unlike the traditional rhinoplasty, Hiko nose lift requires little downtime and it also yields a natural result.

Hiko nose threads help to enhance and improve the look of your nose instead of reforming it. The threads help to stimulate the production of collagen and tissues even after the threads have dissolved.

Nose threading in Singapore and Asia is gaining traction due to its effectiveness and how safe the procedure is compared to fillers and rhinoplasty. By comparing it to nose fillers, Hiko nose lift can effectively lift the nose bridge, improve tip projection and rotation. Results from the Hiko nose lifts are natural with minimal risks.

With minimal risks and comparatively safer than rhinoplasty, hiko nose lift in Singapore is preferred by many aestheticians and doctors. This nose lift procedure drastically reduces the risks and side effects that are usually associated with rhinoplasty surgeries.

Procedure and Results:

Before the Hiko nose lift procedure, a consultation will be scheduled to enable us to have a better understanding on what kind of results you’d like to achieve through the procedure. This enables the doctors to give comprehensive feedback on how your nose will look after the procedure as well as how many threads you might need to make sure that you achieve your desired look.

A brief on the procedure of the Hiko nose lift will also be given to soothe your worries and doubts about the procedure.

To begin, local anesthesia will be injected into the treatment area to ensure minimal discomfort. Hiko nose threads will be inserted and placed carefully into the nose with a canula needle. Our experienced doctors will sculpt and contour your nose, helping you achieve a sharp straight nose bridge and tip. The number of threads needed for this procedure varies; the thread count relies on how much definition you’d like.

The Hiko nose lift is able to serve a natural-looking result with lower risks of complications. It is also simple and fuss-free that requires minimal downtime and one can resume their normal daily activities afterwards.

The procedure takes about 30-45 minutes and some might experience slight swelling and redness in the nose region after the procedure, however this will not hinder any of your daily activities. Do consider a hiko nose lift if you are not able to fully commit to a rhinoplasty surgery.

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