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化学剥离 – 化学剥离主要由医生执行,化学剥离基于皮肤类型具有不同的酸强度。新一代化学果皮在皮肤表面下工作,让您瞬间焕发光彩。对于容易出现痤疮的皮肤,建议使用具有抗氧化作用的舒缓皮肤来抑制炎症。GLC以98新币的价格提供化学剥离

GLC offers Silk Peel at $98


微晶换肤术 – 与真空清洁剂一样,微晶换肤技术深层清洁毛孔足以去除积聚的死皮和污垢,从而促进健康和新鲜的皮肤,但对孔径的影响最大,如果不与其他治疗结合使用。微晶换肤术对于油性皮肤患者来说是最好的,也可以帮助治疗浅疤痕。GLC提供68新币的微晶换肤术

GLC offers microdermabrasion at $68


激光 – 激光换肤通常是长期的,也是毛孔最强大的解决方案之一。通过刺激新胶原蛋白的发展和收紧预先存在的胶原蛋白,毛孔有明显的改善。 GLC提供各种激光器,每场会议价格为148至500美元。在这里获得你的第一次激光试验48新币。

GLC offers a variety of lasers from $148 – 500 per session. Get your first laser trial at $48 here.


微生物毒素 – 将少量稀释的肉毒杆菌素注射到全脸皮肤层,可以实现油腺和毛孔缩小,并改善皮肤纹理和肤色。虽然结果是即时的,但一次会话可以持续大约4-6个月。

GLC offers microbotox at $288.






Keep those gaping holes at bay! Pores tend to look bigger as they are laden with dead skin cells and oil. Also, if they remain clogged, the surrounding collagen and elastic fibres carry the risk of overstretching permanently.  The best bet is to unclog them with a series of topical products so they can shrink back to their original size.

Once a day : As facial oil dissolves in oil, a gentle cleansing milk effectively cleanses impurities from pores thoroughly.

Once at night : Incorporate active ingredients like retinol and glycolic acid into your skincare regime. Products containing retinoid keep your skin firm and pores clear by increasing cell turnover. Alternate with a light glycolic acid to stimulate collagen and tighten pores.

Twice a week: Purifying clay masks wick out oil from congested pores.

Quick Fix : Pore primers and  work in mattifying in the face, hence temporarily minimizing the pores.





  • Stay away from the sun without proper protection. Collagen and elastic tissue – structural support for the skin get damaged when in direct contact with the sun.
  • Get a professional to pop those zits! By squeezing them incorrectly with brute force, the pores in turn get damaged and enlarged.
  • Do not overuse exfoliators as this may result in sore, injured skin and subsequently injure blood capillaries.



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